Gender Reveal Mix Up Leads To Hilarious Reactions

Gender Reveal Mix Up Leads To Hilarious Reactions

Parents Kyle and Danielle Williams were ecstatic to find out the gender of their second baby during a routine 20-week-ultrasound. Little did they know that this appointment was going to give them one of the biggest surprises of their lives.

This Belleville, Michigan couple already had a beautiful baby girl named Peyton and they were so thrilled when the technician announced that they would be adding a second daughter to the family. The couple immediately went out and decked the nursery out in pink décor and had a great time telling their family the good news.

After being showering with adorable dresses, bows and pink accessories, this family was ready to welcome their baby girl. So when the big day finally arrived, the couple had to a do a double-take when the doctor announced that their bundle of joy was actually a boy. Baby Bentley took the whole family by surprise but they were over the moon to make this sweet guy a part of their family.

After the shock wore off on new parents, Kyle and Danielle, they decided to have a little fun with announcing this unexpected surprise to their family and friends. Just watch as family members enter the hospital room and are greeted with the news that the baby girl they were waiting for is actually a beautiful baby boy. My favorite is when they asked Grandma to change the baby’s diaper and she opens it up to find a complete shock.

I’m so glad that this couple took everything in stride and now they’re thrilled to have Bentley as part of their family. What would your reaction be?

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