Tears of the Saints by Leeland

Behind the Song:

Leeland Mooring says it was a Sunday afternoon during a quiet devotional time that he sensed what he calls a presence of God. �I was playing piano, just worshiping, and I asked in prayer, �God, just give me your heart for the lost.�� It was a hope to feel the longing God feels for people struggling to find their way. �And then I started crying�it was as if God gave me a little glimpse of his heart,� Leeland continues. ��Tears of the Saints� came out, and it�s about how for every person who is out there lost there is probably about five people praying for them.� More, the track illuminates the vision the band has for its ministry. �We want to see kids saved,� the songwriter affirms. �What�s awesome about this song live, is how it touches people,� bassist Jake Holtz adds. �The Lord is just blessing people. You can see change coming across their faces. It�s nothing we�re doing. God�s just working through us with this song.�

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