Teach us Lord - Philippe Viguier

Philippe wrote 'Teach Us Lord' while he was leading worship at a church in California, after hearing the news that the mother of the backup singer in the band was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer. Without explaining the reason behind the song, he introduced it to the youth group and the church. One day, as he was practicing piano, playing the song and praying for the family of the singer, Philippe received a text from her. The singer wanted him to send her the complete words of the song, as her family had spend part of the day singing it around the sickbed of her mother. He had written the song thinking of them yet never telling them, and now at the most important time God was using it to encourage them; only a few hours later, the mother went to be with her Savior. The daughter sings with Philippe on the recording.
The music video is also based on a true story of another girl in the youth group who struggled with an auto-immune disorder and lost the ability to walk without help, using the aid of a wheelchair or a walker. This drew her to pray for others, and for others to pray for her as well, until God gave her strength to walk again, at the surprise of many. By God's grace she has not had to use a wheelchair for over 2 years, is now married and a happy mother.

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