Karen Lynne - Walk Slow

Karen Lynne - Walk Slow

My wife is part of an informal walking group composed of fellow Christian women friends. Their group is called "Walking With Friends" (they even have a Facebook page by that name). They hike the trails in the Gold Country around Auburn in the Sierra foothills. She likes to take lots of pictures. So I took some of the pictures and made a slideshow. My wife took most of these pictures, but some of the other women also took some of them. Lots of really nice women. They have a blast. I am not allowed to tag along; women only.

This is a song written by Tom T. Hall and his wife Dixie. It is sung by Karen Lynne, a bluegrass singer from Australia. It's from an album that is not yet released called "Shine Your Light". Karen was fortunate enough to have Tom T. help her put it together.

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A Prayer for Using Your Spiritual Gifts - Your Daily Prayer - October 20
Any time you take a chance, you can fail. But it’s better to try than to never have anything happen in your life.

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