‘Fallen Soldier’ - Tribute Song To Our Lost Heroes

‘Fallen Soldier’ - Tribute Song To Our Lost Heroes

Remember the sacrifice made by our soldiers as you listen to the powerful words of 'Fallen Soldier.' SSG Nathan Fair is an active duty soldier serving with the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment stationed in Fort Myer, VA. SSG Fair has multiple combat deployments and all of his experience led him to write a song.

"This is for the ones who ain't comin' back
Who fought for their country in Iraq
And they left their families at home
To come over here and die alone"

'Fallen Soldier' is based on a true story and it honors those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Over the years, this touching tune has become a viral hit with over 4 million views. This powerful song will truly remind you that freedom isn't free. Each and every day, men and women risk their lives so that we may enjoy this great nation.

"I carried his coffin onto the plane
And gave a salute as they read off his name
We packed away that duffle bag
And the Silver Star that he got from his dad"

Each day, we wake up in a free country, but that freedom does not come easy. It's important to pause and take in the little things around us that we may take for granted. While listening to this song, take the time to reflect and truly thank all of our troops for their selfless service to protect our freedom. This Memorial Day, and every other day, we pray for our soldiers, past and present, and their families back home.

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