Venus and Jupiter to Appear Close Together in Night Sky This Week (Second Coming Watch Update #40)

Released: March 13, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Venus and Jupiter to appear close together in night sky this week. According to Fox News, Venus and Jupiter have been dancing toward each other in the night sky for months, and they'll finally come together this week in a dazzling show for skywatchers. Beginning on March 12, the two brightest planets in the sky will be so close together that you'll be able to block both of them out with a few fingers held at arm's length. The celestial action peaks on Thursday, March 15, when Venus and Jupiter line up in what's known as a planetary conjunction. Venus-Jupiter conjunctions are fairly special events, occurring roughly every 13 months. And this one should be the best conjunction for several years to come for viewers in the Northern Hemisphere, experts say, because the two planets will be visible for so long in the evening sky.

Solar storm sparks unusually active Northern lights. According to MSNBC, The solar storm that sparked so much debate last week got its second wind, rewarding aurora aficionados from the Arctic to the Lower 48 to Australia. The sunspot region that sent the big outburst our way appears to be growing and was sending out fresh blasts late last week. reports that this activity "is expected to "add to the geomagnetic unrest already under way."

The Bible says in Luke 21:25: "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations,

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