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How To Let Your Light Shine to Share The Goodness Of God!

If you want people to see the goodness of God you must let your light shine. The Bible says that the goodness of God is what leads to repentance. People must experience His goodness.

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When you let your light shine by simply having an encouraging word or even just a smile, it can really affect people. Sharing the Gospel is really all about HIS incredible goodness. Sometimes it’s less about teaching and more about being Jesus to people.

If you want to share Christ with people you must first be so in love with Jesus that you become love. Then go and relate to people out of that love. And when you do that, trust me, you’ll be able to be part of transforming someone’s life. It’s incredible what happens when people know that you really care about them.

The next time that you go out to preach the Gospel and share the Good News, try to simply love on people instead of blatantly preaching at them. You might just give people a taste of God’s goodness by doing that!

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