Goodness of God

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Goodness of God
Let us give thanks and glory to the goodness of God! This hymn, composed in 1912 by Ernest R. Kroeger, praises the remarkable ways that God's goodness manifests in our lives. The lyrics make a scriptural reference to Psalm 145 which highlights the righteous attributes of our heavenly Father. Find the lyrics of this wonderful hymn below, lovely music videos, and the background story of Kroeger below!

1 The Lord is strong to help the weak,
Upholding those that fall,
Restoring those bowed down with grief,
And doing good to all.

2 Thy creatures look to Thee for food,
From day to day supplied,
And Thou dost for their sustenance
With open hand provide.

3 The Lord is right in all His ways,
His works His love declare,
And He is night to every one
That breathes the trustful prayer.

4 The hope of those that fear His Name
The Lord will satisfy;
Their mighty Savior He will be
When unto Him they cry.

5 All those that set their love on Him
Shall full salvation know,
But wicked men and wicked ways
The Lord will overthrow.

6 My mouth shall bless the Lord my God
And all His praise proclaim;
Let all unite for evermore 
To bless His holy Name.

Songwriters Ernest R. Kroeger Published by Public Domain (1912)

The Story Behind Goodness of God

Ernest R. Kroeger was a prosperous American composer and teacher; born in St. Louis, Missouri. His father, who was an amateur musician, taught him piano. He also learned instrumentation, violin, and harmony under several other teachers. He became the organist for numerous churches around St. Louis, including Trinity Episcopal and the Unitarian Church of the Messiah. Kroeger married on October 10, 1891, to a Miss Laura A. Clark from Lebanon, Missouri. Together they had four children.


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