Resurrection of Jesus

Resurrection of Jesus

1 Cor 15

Which faith, religion has the evidence to support claims of being authentic?
- Jesus proclaimed that He would die
- If Jesus' claims were so that others could repeat it then He would not be any different than a normal man
- No one in history can say that Jesus' bones, body remained in the grave
- The tomb was known, but there were no bones every recovered in history
- Jesus was well known including reference from Rome, emperors / Caesars

Without the resurrection of Christ Jesus
- All good, preaching, faith is in vain
- Church doors should close
- We should stop praying
- But miracles, reconciliation of marriages, healings all point to the resurrection from the dead

To believe in Jesus you must believe all that he said
- In Book or Corinthians Paul is teaching and refuting these claims
- Christ's resurrection means that those that believe and are Christian will also be resurrected
- Your faith and difficulties are not too hard to overcome because you are in Christ Jesus

Without the resurrection we are all sinners and still (yet) sinners
- Means you are on your way to hell
- Honor your father and mother - so when you were a child and disobeyed God then you are worth of death (stoned)
- Death is a consequence of sin; the remedy of sin is accounted for in the resurrection of Christ Jesus

Life is miserable if all you want is stuff / material
- Jesus gives peace and joy in the worst of situations
- Want God more than the stuff / material

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