News Bulletin 13 July 2012 -- The Christian Institute

David Cameron has backed the right of Christians to wear a cross in the workplace during Prime Minister's Questions, and pledged to change the law if necessary to make the situation clear -- A new opinion Poll confirms that most people in Scotland want marriage to stay between a man and a woman -- Claims that the legalisation of euthanasia in Holland has 'not' led to an increase in the number of cases, have been questioned by a leading pro-life doctor -- Fourteen NHS abortion clinics have been found to have broken the rules, by allowing doctors to pre-sign forms authorising a termination -- Liberal Democrat minister Vince Cable has said that 'changing the definition of marriage is unnecessary' -- A Canadian woman who was diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant and refused to have an abortion, has been nominated in a Mum of the Year competition -- Members of the Church of England's General Synod have voted to overwhelmingly back the right of Christians to live out their faith.

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