Today's Devotional

Actions Speak
What do your actions reveal about your character?

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Iran says its new long-range drone can carry a bomb (Second Coming Watch Update #257)

Iran says its new long-range drone can carry a bomb. According to Israel National News, Iran's Air Defense Base Commander has announced it has built a new unmanned long-range drone that can carry a bomb.

Iran detains seven Christians in raid on church. According to International Christian Concern, a home worship gathering was raided by Iranian security forces in Shiraz on Friday and seven congregants were arrested.

Troops in Sinai are on high alert. According to The Jerusalem Post, Egyptian security forces were on high alert in the Sinai Peninsula, following an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip that killed Hi-sham Al-Sa-ed-ni, the commander of a Jihadi-Salafi terror group.

Matthew 5:10 //