Holy Spirit Feminine ?

Thank God who had caused Cangjie to create the script for Shen 神 God, such that the shi 示/礻reveals Him to be the deity of three lights belonging to Sun, Moon and Star. It was the claim of Gong Yu Hai in his discovery of clues from the oldest classic of China, the shan hai jing 山海经 that Eden was located in China. which gave lead to investigate what other can compare to the records in Bible. Yes, there are shenzhou 神州for Eden, shenjing 神经 for the breath of God which made Adam into a living soul and others like fu福,lu禄, and shou 寿 which suggests that eternal life was cut off from God。Then the Trinity of God seems to equate the three lights of heavenly deity which the Chinese interpret them as Sun is Male, Moon is Female and Star for children. This may support the theory that God the Trinity comprises a family of Holy Father God, Holy Spirit Mother God and Jesus, the Holy Son God. Likewise, Adam and Eve the start of an earthly family of male and female and bringing forth of offspring followed that family concept for their family. This is just wonderful to see that a earthly family copied from that of God of Trinity. God is the great I Am and Who will be What He will be. So what is to stop the equivalent of Sun Moon and Star as Father, Mother and Son if God wills it to be so. Cheers. Thanks for viewing the video.

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