English/华文 - The Very Beginning

这是个有关创始及末了神儿女从地上到天上/天堂和最后获得奖赏的过程。每个神儿女将被赐在这一直扩大的宇宙里的一个星系去与主耶稣在那里一起做王。神曾说,等到被救的人数足够/满足了,这随己意爆炸的巨石才会停止爆炸扩大宇宙的工作。这视频会带观赏者进入宇宙的起源直到天堂的国度。This is a video which shares the very beginning of creation of universe and other things until the final episode of the redeemed as children of God receiving their rewards from God. Each of the redeemed will be sent to look after with Jesus as King over a galaxy as his reward in the enlarged universe due to the freewill bang of the huge Rock. God has said that when the number of redeemed is satisfied, the expansion due to the bang will stop. 请观赏/Please have the pleasure to view the video. Thanks,/谢谢。

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