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Have You Preached

Do you know someone who doesn't know about the gospel? Do you someone who is not saved?
Why haven't you?
We are afraid. Because it's someone we know. Don't know enough. If you believe that Jesus Christ is good enough for you why not share the gospel with your loved ones?
Jesus saved me. He is not dead, He is with me all the time, He has forgiven me of all my sins, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Until the seed of God is planted, it can't grow any where.
The Bible says just scatter the seeds, the seeds being the word of God, even though some falls on bad ground, there is some one that is going to receive that seed an it will take root.
It is God's desire for all to be saved. As someone being saved it should be your desire to share Jesus with everyone that is not saved, so they can be saved too. The Bible lets us know over and over again about saving the life of others of who believe.
What would you do to save someone who doesn't believe, and is going to hell? Hell is real, just like Heaven is real. How can you know this as a child of God and let your love ones go to this place called hell? All you have to do is open you mouth and share.
In other countries Christians are being killed for standing up for God, and we here in America can't even open our mouth and tell the good news of the gospel with anyone.
Not every one will want to listen to you or would want you to speak to them about the things of God. Even the bad, mean ones need to hear the word.

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