Solving the Confusion of Christianity - Part 3 of 3

Solving the Confusion of Christianity - Part 3 of 3

If I mention the word "Christianity" to you, what image pops into your mind? If I were to ask you: What is the purpose of Christianity? What are Christians to be about doing? What is the purpose of the Christian Church? What is Christianity supposed to be anyway? -- what would be your answers to such questions?

Is Christianity simply a set of beliefs or doctrinal creeds, or a profession of faith? Is it a feeling in your heart? Is the purpose of the Church to be a major charitable influence in the world? Is Christianity supposed to be a political force for change in society?

If you were to take five people aside who consider themselves Christians and ask them those questions, you would probably get five different sets of answers!

If you are tired of the confusion in Christianity and want to know what Christ intended Christianity to be when He created it, then stay tuned!

The now-swiftly-developing result of false religion will dramatically affect your very life within the next decade—far more than you probably imagine! For this explosive revelation is not just for "religious people"—it is for everyone. All our lives will soon be affected.

We all need to ask ourselves: "How did I come to believe what I now believe about religion, morality and the entire purpose of human existence? If my friends and I have just blindly gone along with generally accepted ideas, isn't it likely that most other people have also done the same? Is it possible that we have blindly accepted false religious ideas which have, in fact, greatly affected the way our entire societies have developed—the kind of legal systems, educational systems and religious systems that we have devised and that we take for granted?"

Have you ever asked yourself these basic questions?

If there is a real God and if the Bible is His inspired revelation to humanity, then we should c