Brother Harry Gomes Interview -

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Brother Harry is a man of God who has won over 14 million souls in over 300 crusades in India so far. He is a apostle and pastor and founded Home of Hope orphanage. Over half of the kids in the orphanage had parents who were killed by radical Hindu's.
Brother Harry was raised as a Hindu in India and turned atheist as a young man. The turning point in his life happened on the 29th day of August 1992. It was the birthday of his wife and they went to a church along with his 2 children. During prayer Bro. Gomes was filled with the abundant power of the Holy Spirit. He was recuperated from "Lukerderma" (skin disease) completely at this time and things in his life started to turn out for the better.
In this interview you will learn:

- Amazing story
- How his first crusade he did not even preach more than a couple minutes and 5,000 were still saved
- Why, "Though they kill me, I will not kill them back" is his ministry quote
- Why we are the little leaven that leavens the lump
- How Home of Hope orphanage was started
- A few amazing miracles that you must hear, and much more.

- Much more. Listen or read this interview now, and see what God has for you!
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