He's My Brother by Ben Laine


This video was created, with love, in honor of our 17 year old adopted son Peter.

Peter's teenage years have been difficult for him, with all the teenage pressures and temptations that are present in our current society.

Because of these temptations, pressures, and some bad decisions, Peter got caught up in undesirable lifestyles.

As a result, and after other programs that failed, he was enrolled in Teen Challenge in August, 2013.

With the help of this powerful program, Godly counseling from Godly men, and the love of God, our son has turned his life around.
Though still on the road to complete recovery and transformation, Peter's life has changed radically and he's rapidly becoming the man he was created to be.

After much prayer we have aired this video and this short letter to ask for financial help.

This is a 12 month program and our resources have been exhausted.

This is why we are asking for donations to cover the cost. If you can help financially please do, and please pray that our son continue on his road to his destiny.

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