Country Singer Josh Turner Duets With Boy With Autism

Country Singer Josh Turner Duets With Boy With Autism

It’s always incredible when a celebrity steps up and does something kind for a fan. It’s even more incredible when that moment is captured on camera and can be cherished for a lifetime. That’s exactly what happened to one country fan who recently got to live out his dreams.

Logan Blade was just 2 years old when he was diagnosed with autism. He was having a hard time communicating, but was able to express himself through music. As he got more and more talented, music became Logan’s main source of communication with the entire world. Logan dreamed of playing on the Grand Ole Opry stage and, thanks to his favorite artist Josh Turner, that dream was about to become a reality.

Josh saw a news report about Logan and after that, he knew he had to meet this inspiring young man in person. So, he invited Logan and his family to the famous venue and they met backstage. But that wasn’t all, Josh Turner brought Logan out on stage and together they performed his hit song ‘Long Black Train.’

This was truly a momentous occasion for Logan and it all played out in front of the camera. Now, Logan and his family can look back on this incredible moment for years to come. I’m just so glad that Josh saw that news story and reached out to the family. This makes me like this country star even more now. What about you? How amazing was this duet between Logan and Josh Turner?

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