Phil Robertson Of “Duck Dynasty” Fame Receiving Heated Responses For His Comments

Phil Robertson is normally shooting at something; ducks, turkeys, hogs, but some of his most recent comments have caused some to take aim at him.  I have written positively about the Duck Dynasty family on this site once before: ( and I would like to address this hubbub involving this Godly patriarch.

They Asked Him For His Opinion

Phil Robertson is the head of the family portrayed on Arts and Entertainment Networks’ Duck Dynasty and he is a man who takes his faith seriously. He believes in a literal God who created the universe and has given us standards by which to live. In an interview with GQ magazine, he put forth, when asked, the Bible’s stance on homosexuality, professed his belief in the Bible’s authority, and warned those who pursued such the homosexual lifestyle that the Bible says that God condemns such behavior. By saying these things, he also drew fire from that same homosexual community.

The reaction to Mr. Robertson’s comments concerning those who have adopted a gay lifestyle should come as no surprise whatsoever. Anyone willingly engaged in what God calls ‘sin’ most usually reacts strongly when their sin is revealed for what it truly is. In addition, anyone in the public eye who exhibits an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ is sure to irritate the conscience of those who want no part of God.

Mr. Robertson no doubt expected backlash for his strongly held beliefs, if not now, then sometime in the future. He makes no excuses for worshiping God with his life; and he knows that he will encounter resistance, even hostility, when he makes his views public. However, Mr. Robertson also knows that Jesus told us to spread His Word throughout the world (Matthew 28:16-20).

Freedom Of ‘Most’ Speech

It is amazing how many different kinds of lifestyles are advocated in the media these days; but the only one that seems to be off limits is the Christian lifestyle. Sitcoms are in a downward spiral when it comes to portraying morality. Homosexuality, adultery, murder, violence, and a host of other evils is portrayed endlessly on television and movie theater screens every day. Whenever a Christian is portrayed in the media they are more often than not portrayed as ignorant of reality, intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them, judgmental, or just plain stupid or irrelevant.

The gay and lesbian community is attempting to organize a response to Phil Robertson’s remarks. Some may call for boycotts of Robertson’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ show on A&E. Needless to say lines are being drawn in the sand over Mr. Robertson’s statements.  Some in the gay/lesbian community, by taking Mr. Robertson’s words and twisting them ever so much, accuse him of spouting hate speech thinly veiled as Christianity.  They say that is not the way ‘true’ Christians act.  Curiously, we have a group which rejects God, His Word, His Son, and His authority giving advice on how a ‘true’ Christian is supposed to act.

Phil Robertson’s Authority Is The Bible

The Bible is clear on how God views homosexuality.  In both the Old Testament and the New Testament it is defined as a sin.  Phil Robertson, using the Bible as his authority, merely passed along a warning that those who continue in sinful, God-rejecting lifestyles are choosing to remain separated from God and will suffer God’s judgment one day.  Mr. Robertson considers his actions loving in that he seeks to warn those about God’s standards and the impending judgment, so that they may seriously consider their destiny and their options.  They have, as we all do, the choice to worship God or reject Him.  The question remains: will those in rebellion to God humble themselves to God and His Word, or will they continue to rebel against Him and follow their own selfish lusts and desires?

The Christian’s Response

Christians, the Bible is clear that those who willfully continue in behavior that God deems to be sinful are rejecting God and are in open rebellion against Him. Too many people think that, because God loves us, that He will merely overlook our choice of sin over Him. However, the Bible is clear that there will come a time when God judges humanity according to how we responded to Him during our life. Mr. Robertson knows that Christians are called, by God, to stand up for Him and His Word. Mr. Robertson cares enough about people to make sure that they are not ignorant of God and our responsibility to Him.

As these issues are brought more and more into the public forum, each of us must decide what we believe.

Will we dedicate ourselves to prayer for the Robertson family?  Will we stand up for what it true, right, honest, pure, and Godly or will we remain silent?

Video of Phil Robertson Talking About His Faith in Jesus

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