WHFC Cinema of Faith July 12th film preview

Preview of upcoming film: The Second Chance & short film: The Least of These coming Saturday, July 12th beginning at 6:30pm at Willoughby Hills Friends Church in Willoughby Hills, OH. If you live nearby, all are welcome admission is FREE. The Least of These: Rarely does a film unabashedly introduce explicit Christian worldviews, themes, and characters and still manage to wow mainstream audiences. The Least of These does exactly that. The film played at nearly 100 film festivals worldwide, and winning over 27 film awards. The story is set at an old greasy diner where the regular late-night clientele hangs out: blue-collar retirees, rowdy club-hoppers, lonely drifters, and ladies of the night at the end of their shift. When a new guy, Keith, walks into the place, it is clear he is not part of the same crowd. The old geezers poke some fun at him as they wonder who he is and what he is doing there. What makes the film so remarkable is not just its production values, but the fact that the director has so expertly navigated that fine line between sentiment and sentimentality. The films title alludes to Matthew 25:40 - in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me -The Least of These is like a breath of fresh air, a compelling work that is entertaining and meaningful to our modern culture, compromising on neither quality nor thoughtful theology.<br />

The Second Chance is a realistic and gritty film which will hit close to home for many Christians. Pastor Ethan, comfortable in his ministry and pay, is sent by the board of his mega-church to get involved in the urban Second Chance church, where Pastor Jake, an African- American pastor, ministers to drug addicts, gang members, and teen mothers. Pastor Ethan soon realizes that he has his priorities mixed up and even his father, who originally founded the Second Chance, realizes he has gotten off the path he needs to be on. The Second Chance will inevitably cause the

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