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Offering Refuge and Hope
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LET GO...MOVE ON | Sarah SarJ | Original Version

"LET GO...MOVE ON" (With Tag-Lish Lyrics Translations)

You always say those things to knock me down
They heard you spreading those lies around
Oh my heart is hurting... my mind confused...
but Im praying inside.

Let GO...MOVE on (2x)
nothing to worry...let go...move on.
Let GO...MOVE on (2x)
nothing to worry.

Yes, I believe I'm weak in need
Some other guys they say:
"no way to go."
but all my strength and riches 'bro...
it's all in Father's House...there in Heaven I go.

Tagalog: Mahina man ako't 'plaging hirap
Translation: (I may be weak or in need)
Tagalog: Minsa'y nag-iisa...lumuluha na lang
Translation: (Sometimes I cry when I'm alone)
Tagalog: Pero yaman at lakas kong tinataglay
Translation: (But my riches and strength...)
Tagalog: Naipon sa langit...doon and Diyos naghihintay.
Translation: (I store up in Heaven...there my God is waiting.)

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