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Streams of Mercy
What steps can you take to adopt God’s perspective on mercy?

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Poems (4) by Nick and Stephanie Holden

Poems (4) written by Nick and Stephanie Holden of Truth Impacts Ministries (1) Why Do You Watch (by N.H.) (2) The Mountain (by S.H.) (3) What a Gift (by N.H.) (4) Why do you look at one another (by N.H.) These poems and other thoughts were used in a pre-revival conference called The Saul Syndrome Conference at Faith Baptist Church in April 2008. For more information on this conference and material visit us at and go to the For Backsliders Only page or contact us at [email protected] May God grant unto His people grace repentance, and bless our efforts as we seek His face for revival and reformation in our day. or

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