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Like Yourself
What steps can you take to share life with people who in the past you might have avoided?

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Fine Crystal or Beer Bottle

On March 3, 1996, I had a vision. I was sitting at my desk and it was close to lunch time. Then all of a sudden I saw a lot of women in some type of coliseum as though they were in some type of service or seminar. My first impression was that God was giving me a message exclusively for women.
Then the Lord asked me a question. He said "How should women be treated." I thought about it for a moment and answered "Like fine crystals." Then I heard "There are some women in the church, instead of being fine crystals are beer bottles." I immediately got up and ran to the mens room. The reason was that I was trying to run away from what God had had shown me.
I went back to my desk and began to write down a comparison between a fine crystal and beer bottle.

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