Today's Devotional

Actions Speak
What do your actions reveal about your character?

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Mission In Action - Children

Getting Help for Children that have no hope. Giving them Food, Clothes, A place to stay and a Godly Education are priorities for Mission In Action.

Samson started this ministry August 1986 as an Evangelist. He started doing Gospel Crusades in villages and towns in India. People got saved and healed. Then the Lord spoke to him to start churches. Samson started planting churches. Now, he has pioneered 103 strong growing churches in India and one church in Germany. Samson is teaching and training Pastors and Ministers regularly through Seminars. The Lord put love in his heart for orphans, destitute people and widows. He has started 7 orphan homes. Right now, there are nearly 400 children in these homes. The ministry is also distributing safe and clean drinking water. Wells are dug and 3 water trucks supply water every day to thousands. He is feeding street children with one warm meal a day. His mobile medical care focuses on helping sick children and old people in remote villages. Right now, the Rapha Children Hospital is under construction. He opened a primary school for the slum children. His ministry is also doing humanitarian relief work during earthquakes, floods and recently Tsunami.

Samson preaches the Gospel with passion and you sense the tangible anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit. His message brings the Word of God so alive. The anointing is strong and people are changed, healed, delivered and restored.