"Heaven’s Door" Gospel Music Video (C) Dee Dee Wells

**THIS VIDEO WILL,WILL,WILL BLESS YOU!!!!!!= 100x*** SIS. "DEE DEE" WELLS, of Florence, SC music video of her song. C)2006 Cetremia Dionne Wells Produce by: SMITH BROTHERS RECORDS, Florence SC Kelvin"lionell richee"Smith ---------------------------------------- DeeDee was inspired by a friend of the family named Ms.Cora Trotter who heard her sing a solo in the year of 2004. Ms. Trotter advised her to start recording music at that time. Ms. Trotter then introduced DeeDee to Kelvin Smith who owns Smith Brothers Records in Florence, SC Immediately, DeeDee started writing songs and within a six-month period Dee Dee wrote 19 songs and recorded 9 songs on her first CD. DeeDee made her first appearance at Bethel Apostolic Church in July 2005, and was honored for her appearance at that time. DeeDee also performed at The Luther Barnes 9th Annual Fall Gospel Classic, along with Dorothy Norwood, The William Brothers, Slim and the Supreme Angels, and many other gospel artists. DeeDee also appeared in Rochester, NY and gave songs of praise along with Luther Barnes and The William Sister on April 21st and 22nd 2006.DeeDee also appeared on 10/5/2006 at the 10th Annual Classic at the Red Bud Holy Church, with Luther Barnes, Dorothy Norwood and so many other artists. DeeDee’s first CD entitled "GET TO KNOW HIM,"was released in October 2005. DeeDee received a certificate in April of 2005 stating that she is one of the top 1500 worldwide capable of writing a hit song, this was presented by <b>...</b>

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