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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Christian Music Video - Streets Of Glory by Michele McGovern

To Download this Christian Music Video at . This Christian Song was written by Christian Music Artist Michele McGovern. Michele is a Worship Music singer at The Journey . You can visit Michele's website for more Christian Songs and Christian Music Lyrics by Michele McGovern. Micheles writes, "Sometimes at night, I close my eyes and try to envision what heaven will be like. Every time I do I imagine a huge party, with people smiling from ear to ear, contagious joy, masses of people singing and dancing in the streets. And I think I dont want to wait until I get to heaven to celebrate like that before the Lord! Why not now? As I started writing this song, the old hymn Oh I Want to See Him came to mindwith a little twist. I get excited every time I sing it, and my prayer is that we, the body of Christ, would learn how to truly shake off our religious inhibitions and worship God the way He deserves to be worshippedwith all of our might! I choose freedom." Michele also wrote the song and created the video that is helping to change the world "Change it Together" also featured here on YouTube. Her song "This Ordinary Life" is a driving inspiration.

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