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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Should I Go

This video deals with the need to reach out to people and the internal struggle that often goes on when God provides us with opportunities to do so.

A few believers here in Halifax got together this fall and we decided to pool our assets and start a new organization thats purpose is to use music and video to create effective resources for churches to use in youth/ young adult ministires. This is our first crack at it. Our plan at the moment is just to get it out there and allow God to use it as He pleases. We want to make our project available to as many churches and individuals as possible.
Our desire is to be able to make all of our videos available to as many people as possible, if that can be done by offering it free of charge then we are trusting God to make this possible- for the time being this includes internet stream viewing (the downside here is that it's low-res only) and distributing DVD's as we can afford them. We hope to eventually have a site where the full HD version would be available for download, as it is significantly better than the internet version and even the DVD version. Please pray for us and that God will use this for His glory- He's worth it.
We can be contacted at [email protected] Thanks for looking!

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