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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Morris Cerullo - Christian

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Dr. Morris Cerullo, Apostle and Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, is a man on the move for God. He is a man whose entire life is dedicated to fulfilling the call of God to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every living creature. In 1962, God gave him a specific call in Porto Alegre, Brazil when He said, "Son, build Me an army." This army is made up of Nationals trained to take the Gospel to their villages, cities, states, and nations with the same anointing that rests upon Dr. Cerullo's life and ministry. God has used Dr. Cerullo to pioneer overseas ministries and open many countries that have been considered closed to the Gospel such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel and the entire Middle East, the Far East, Africa,Mexico, Central and South America and virtually every nation on Earth. His ministry is accompanied by a manifestation of God's miracle power.

In this interview you will learn about...

• How God called Dr.Cerullo into the ministry 67 years ago.
• How the world is crying for freedom.
• The things God did through Dr.Cerullo and the things God wants you to do.
• What does it mean for Christians not to retire.
Much more, Listen or read this interview now, and see what God has for you!
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