Golden Retriever Gives Toddler The Sweetest Hug

Golden Retriever Gives Toddler The Sweetest Hug

Watch as this Golden Retriever gives a toddler the sweetest hug.

Seeing is believing, as we often hear about some things. Such is the case with this toddler and pup who have a very loving relationship. While the sight can be described in words, seeing is again believing. When you watch this video get ready for cuteness overload.

The video was uploaded to Tik Tok by Olivia, who is the mother of the featured toddler and owner of the doggo. In the video, we witness first the boy hugging the dog, and then as love often leads us to do, the dog hugs the boy back.

"He always hugs back," the mother shared in her post.

In this video, the big dog definitely did. All three stood in what looked to be the living room or family room. Fox News played in the background on the bright TV screen. The toddler was not investing himself into the news, but rather the dog. And the mom wasn’t watching television either, but rather her son.

She recorded footage of her jovial son gladly hugging their pet Golden Retriever. The boy hugged the animal tightly, wrapping his arms around the dog as far as he could. The toddler even tipped the dog over a bit as he leaned in with his weight.

Once he released the dog, the little boy stepped slightly in front of his pet, facing his mom. Appears as though he knew what was coming next because the smile on his face only grew. The dog lifted up its two front paws and wrapped them gently around the boy. This was the dog giving a return hug.

All the while the mother records, watches and laughs at the heartwarming sight. Music plays over the video, sounds from James Blake as he covers ”Godspeed” which he says he helped write for Frank Ocean.

Honestly, even without the music, the video achieved its objective of being sentimental! And that isn’t the only video displaying the loving relationship between that doggo and child. There's likely more to come.

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