Resurfaced 1987 Clip Shows Dolly Parton And Patti LaBelle Dueting With Their Acrylic Nails

Resurfaced 1987 Clip Shows Dolly Parton And Patti LaBelle Dueting With Their Acrylic Nails

Dolly Parton is known for her iconic look, pitch-perfect voice, crystal blue eyes, sky-high blond hair, fire engine red lips, and acrylic nails. That’s right! And she isn’t known for the beauty of her nails but what she can actually do with her ruby red talons!

A resurfaced 1987 clip shows Dolly Parton and Patti LaBelle dueting with their acrylic nails. The clip went viral after the release of Dolly’s 19 disc, 35-hour DVD collection, Dolly: The Ultimate Collection which’s filled with rare behind-the-scenes moments spanning over fifty years of her career!

In this clip, the dynamic duo was chatting when Dolly shared a rather ultra-creative way she creates a beat for new music and it’s something so unique, no one saw it coming! Dolly revealed, “I write a lot of songs when I don’t have my guitar. I beat around the dashboard of my car when I’m riding around writing songs but then I have a little rhythm that we can do with these acrylic nails.”

She then demonstrated to Patti how her nails make a sound like a typewriter. Patti was surprised to say in the least, that’s one way to get a little more mileage out of her signature look. After Dolly demonstrated to Patti how to use her nails as a musical washboard, the pair played the chords to ‘Shortin’ Bread.’ while using their nails as percussion! Together, they nailed the song! It was pure, creative, musical magic! Is there anything Dolly can't do?

Last year after her collection was released, Dolly appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show. Halfway through the interview, the pair sang a bit of the 9 to 5 song when Dolly started tapping her nails to the beat in perfect harmony when Jimmy said he had never heard anyone play their nails like that. Dolly replied, “When I actually wrote this song, I used my acrylic nails on the set when I was writing it.”

Whether she’s singing a tune, encouraging women to be all they can be, or strumming a guitar with her talons, she is always a creative talent to behold: perfectly pedicured hands, percussion, and all.

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us-- yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

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