Inspiring Teen Performs Contemporary Dance To 'Free My Soul'

Inspiring Teen Performs Contemporary Dance To 'Free My Soul'

Watch this inspiring teen perform a beautiful contemporary dance to the song ‘Free My Soul.’

“I have walked many miles on my own, I am lost and I’ve been sinking like a stone
But I have seen greener pastures through the dark, and I won’t stop till your love fills my heart
Forgive me my imperfections, my only hope is to be with you, You have my complete devotion
Please take the old me and make me new, and free my soul from chains that bind me
Free my soul from my regret, where I go, I know you’ll find me, give me strength to fight again”

This song was originally sung by Joseph Moore, but in this video, the singer is Maggie Scott. And the dance choreography and dance performance were done by Lizzy Sanfilippo. Both of these young women are very talented!

“Amazing and beautiful. Love this wonderful cover!” writes someone on YouTube after watching the video.

With both the wonderful dancing and lovely singing, this encouraging video is sure to brighten your day! And it is great to see these talented young women using their gifts as a way to shine God’s light into the world.

The lyrics of ‘Free My Soul’ remind us that God is our strong foundation, and His unconditional and overwhelming love is what we need to get us through hard times. He breaks the chains that bind us, and we can find complete and total freedom in Him.

May we always look to Him for our strength and find true peace and rest in His love.

Romans 8:1-2
There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

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