UPS Driver And Rooster Have Hilarious Standoff In Driveway

UPS Driver And Rooster Have Hilarious Standoff In Driveway

Get ready for the standoff! In one corner we have one of America’s UPS Drivers, and in the other corner, we have a rooster. The stage - someone’s driveway who’s just awaiting a package (but their rooster had other plans.)

Seemingly, the driver was just doing his job. He had two packages to deliver to the house. As with any UPS driver, they’re on a time crunch, packages to deliver and customers to satisfy. Well, someone was not being respectful of the man’s time.

And by someone, of course, that means this here rooster.

The delivery man walks alongside the driveway holding two packages in his hand, one package in each. As he walks side to side, slowly trying to get to the home’s porch, the rooster is also walking. The animal walks in the same direction as the man as though trying to intimidate him.

Was he intimidated? Well, maybe, but in the video, he appears to keep his cool, initially. He tries talking to the rooster, almost challenging the animal to see what it will do.

“You don’t want me on the porch, huh?” the man says at one point. He bears the packages above his head as he holds his arms out. This may be an act to make himself look bigger than what he is (to intimidate the rooster.) Whatever the reason, he also starts clapping the packages together, gently but making enough noise to shoo the rooster away.

Both the man and rooster seem to keep eye contact during the whole ordeal. Thankfully, the standoff goes in the man’s favor. The closer he comes to the couch, the further away the rooster seems to go.

The rooster puts enough distance between himself and the porch that the driver goes up and puts the packages down. He finally reveals himself to be a bit bothered by the animal when he looks at the security camera and says, “Not cool.”

His brazen words have a comedic end after he walks down the porch. The rooster has returned and the man takes off. And guess what, the rooster takes off after him.

His screams as the rooster pursues are doubly hilarious!

AJ Taylor, the homeowner, posted the video to Facebook and said, “Well the UPS man met Fred the guard rooster today. Fred was born angry this is just the 1st time we got it on camera. If anyone knows the UPS man send him my apologies.”

At least there was an apology to accompany the funny incident. Now we can all laugh at it.

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