Student With Down Syndrome Inspires Thru Golf, Piano And Dance

Student With Down Syndrome Inspires Thru Golf, Piano And Dance

Golfer Amy Bockerstette just became the first student with Down Syndrome to earn a full athletic scholarship and, now, her story is inspiring the nation. This young woman has a passion for golf and she’s not letting anything hold her back. Amy now plays on the Paradise Valley Community College golf team. But golf isn’t her only talent. Amy loves to perform through dance and piano. She is living proof that someone with Down Syndrome can do anything they set their mind to. And a recent moment on the golf course has brought Amy into a whole new spotlight.

It all happened when she was joined on the course by pro golfers Gary Woodland and Matt Kuchar. She took a practice hit and the ball went right into the sand. That is when Woodland offered to move the ball from the sand onto the green for an easier shot. Amy absolutely refused. She took her next swing from the sand and then had an eight-foot putt for par. When she made the amazing shot, the crowd went crazy in applause.In fact, the video has been viewed millions of times on social media.

Amy’s parents say that this display shows others that there is no limit to what someone with Down Syndrome can do. "People with Down syndrome have value and they bring joy," said Amy’s mom. As a student-athlete, Amy is living out her dream and inspiring so many others along the way. Keep up the amazing work, Amy!

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