Strangers Stand Up For Bullied Girl With Tourette Syndrome

Strangers Stand Up For Bullied Girl With Tourette Syndrome

Hidden cameras capture stranger’s reactions to bullied girl with Tourette Syndrome. The television show ‘What Would You Do?’ is a hidden camera program hosted by John Qui'ones.

The popular show is known for putting strangers in difficult situations and then recording how they react. You never know how someone will respond from episode to episode. Sometimes, there is anger while other times you will find yourself wiping away a tear. Many of the episodes are inspired by real life events or news stories. And today’s program highlights the difficulties a child with Tourette syndrome may endure.

This particular episode is special because the actress playing the bullied girl grew up with Tourette’s. The young girl enters an ice cream shop and 2 other kids follow behind. When they notice her tics, they start to make fun of her and how ‘weird’ she is acting. The cameras are rolling as nearby patrons notice how rude and disrespectful the kids are to the young girl.

One by one, strangers start to stand up for the girl either by saying something to the bullies or giving words of encouragement to the girl herself. The first man to speak up was stunned that kids could be so harsh to one another. He offered a piece of advice to anyone in a similar situation. “People gotta speak up when bullying happens. Just say something. What if it was you?”

This particular episode pulls at the heartstrings as compassionate and caring strangers go out of their way for this young girl.