Band Member Dances While Playing In Stands And It Goes Viral

Band Member Dances While Playing In Stands And It Goes Viral

This incredibly talented band member dances while playing and has us bouncing along with his enthusiastic moves! West Texas A & M trombonist, William Delph has found himself the subject of a viral video taken during a recent football game. But it’s not his trombone skills that have the internet talking, rather his dancing ones to the piece “Mic Drop.”

Feeling every beat of the music, William deftly maneuvers his large instrument as an extension of his body. Moving up and down, side to side, the trombonist has some serious skills. Not to mention that he’s not using any charts as he plays!

The video was posted on social media by William’s buddy Trace Bails with the caption “If this is not you, then why are you in marching band?” The post quickly went viral with millions of views. Clearly William has set the bar for trombonists really, really high. We’re not sure if anyone was even watching the game when such a spectacular performance was going on right there in the stands! William is no stranger to performance and is known for getting really into the music. When Trace saw William start his dance moves, there was no way he was missing the chance to video!

"William was just being himself in this video, absolutely nothing out of character," Bials said to "Good Morning America" in a statement. "He is a very and happy joyful person and always aspires to have the best time possible. If a video could capture Williams personality, this is it."

We are loving William’s enthusiasm and clear musical ability! Keep up the good work!

WTAMU Band member dances to stand tunes

WATCH: West Texas A&M University Marching Band member William Delph is going viral for redefining the term "feeling the music." >>> VIDEO CREDIT: Trace Bails

Posted by NewsChannel10 on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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