Jeanne Robertson - Tiny Piece Of Advice In New Show 'Rockin' Humor'

Jeanne Robertson - Tiny Piece Of Advice In New Show 'Rockin' Humor'

Hilarious speaker, Jeanne Robertson, is back with another great story from her new video “Rockin’ Humor.” With the creation of social media and the internet in general, news travels fast. In some cases however, not everyone gets the scoop in a timely manner. Such is the case in this hilarious tale of a recent encounter by Jeanne Robertson.

Seated in a classic-looking white rocking chair Jeanne, sets up the backstory for us. Mrs. Robertson is a board trustee member for Elon University and they were tasked to make the final vote for a new President for the university. On a Sunday, the trustees voted unanimously for Dr. Connie Book, then provost at the Citadel. Jeanne would later meet someone who did not get the news but clearly should have.

While Mrs. Robertson was speaking at a ‘meet and greet’ in Louisiana the following Wednesday, she described being approached in the autograph session by a quiet expressionless lady who wanted to speak with her. The conversation awkwardly began with this audience member curious as to why Jeanne mentioned Elon College a few times and later revealed that her niece used to be a professor there. Eventually putting things together, Jeanne realizes this person’s niece is the now newly-elected President of Elon. Perhaps jumping the gun a little bit, Mrs. Robertson decided to announce the exciting news to this lady. This is when things get good!

Jeanne gathered those around them to make the announcement, fully expecting the this lady to be overjoyed! However, the while the crowd was cheerful, the lady’s reaction was much less than expected. In fact, Dr. Book’s Aunt, remained expressionless, confused and clearly doubtful that the news is accurate. When Jeanne had the opportunity later that week to talk with Dr. Book herself she knew exactly what to say.

“Dr. Book… I do think I can give you one pretty good piece of advice. Call your Aunt Barbara!”

Obviously, Mrs. Robertson tells the story much better so be sure to watch it in full. The lesson to be learned here is that though news can travel fast, thanks to the internet and cell phones, it’s best to be sure your family is “in-the-know” to avoid awkward social mix ups! Bless her heart!