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Dog Becomes Emotional Hearing Celion Dion Song

Dog Becomes Emotional Hearing Celion Dion Song

There’s a reason that they say dogs are man’s best friend. These furry friends are more than just animals, they truly become a part of our lives and families. Some dogs even start to take on the traits and emotions of their humans. These amazing creatures are truly smarter and more compassionate than we can ever imagine.

Take this sweet Golden Retriever, for instance. Luna is a sweetheart and she absolutely loves her human and cuddling up on her lap. And when her owner starts to play the piano, Luna is completely mesmerized. Just watch as this woman starts to play Celine Dion’s smash hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the major motion picture Titanic.

Luna looks like she is so moved by the music that she cuddles up even closer to her human. There is so much emotion and feeling on this sweet puppy’s face that I can’t help but be overwhelmed by it all. This is such a perfect reminder that animals have a heart and mind of their own. They can sense another person’s feelings and they can outwardly display their own. The moment was so sweet that Luna’s human knew she needed to capture it on camera.

I’m so glad that she was able to record this emotional scene. It truly shows a different side of our animals and makes us appreciate them so much more. I can’t help but think, aren’t all of God’s creatures just so amazing? Has your fur baby every done anything like this before?