Jeanne Robertson On Getting Older

Jeanne Robertson On Getting Older

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson always brings the laughs with her hilarious antics. Somehow, she's always getting into the craziest situations and it makes for the funniest stories and she always shares them all.

Today, Jeanne is talking about getting older. At 71-years-old, Jeanne said that everything is about 'maintenance' now. When she's not traveling for work, she feels like she's always at doctor's appointments. One day, Jeanne had to go to the dentist while her husband, Left Brain, went to a lunch with some friends. Poor Left Brain tried to explain what steps Jeanne took to take care of herself and 'maintain' and it just went downhill from there.

Just listen as Jeanne retells this hilarious story. But it's the very last line that really got me laughing out loud. I can't believe that this really happened. Who else is laughing with me?

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