Couple Surprises Family With Triplet Reveal

Sam and Jess gathered all of their family together for an extra special reason. The couple is expecting their first child and now it's time to reveal the gender to everyone. But Sam and Jess have been keeping a big secret from their family and friends and it's one that no one saw coming.

Just watch as they open a big box full of balloons. Everyone is so excited to watch pink balloons fly out but that's when Sam and Jess stop the applause. They go on to explain that they wished for a baby in multiple places around the world and then they reach into the big box and pull out a smaller one. The crowd goes wild when they realize it means another baby.

But the surprises aren't over yet and that's still one more box to open. Sam and Jess are going to have triplets and they managed to keep this secret from everyone. The look on their faces is full of love and excitement. What an incredible surprise!

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