Celebrity Mario Lopez Gets Baptized In Jordan River

Celebrity Mario Lopez Gets Baptized In Jordan River

Can you imagine how powerful it must have felt to get baptized in the same river that John the Baptist baptized Jesus in? I know I would be so overwhelmed by emotion and excitement just like celebrity Mario Lopez was recently.

A priest baptized Mario Lopez in the Jordan River and it was such a beautiful moment in his faith. Baptism is a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. It represents that our flesh is dead and that our spirit is resurrected in Christ. TV host and actor Mario Lopez has just made that public declaration. He got baptized in the Jordan River and he shared his moment with us in a video.

Mario was raised Catholic and remained devoted to that faith. But life experiences led him into a deeper relationship with God. And now he wants to commit his life to Jesus. And what better way to solidify that commitment than to get baptized just as the Bible encourages us to. Mario was so excited and the smile on his face was so bright.

After the priest submerged Mario into the water, the people who were watching sung, “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus.” It was such a sweet moment and I know it will resonate in Mario’s mind throughout his journey with Jesus.

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