Bird Cuts Perfectly Straight Slices of Paper to Give Tail Feathers A Makeover

Bird Cuts Perfectly Straight Slices of Paper to Give Tail Feathers A Makeover

Check out this funny video of a bird perfectly cutting straight pieces of paper to give her tail feathers a makeover.

Now this is something that you don’t see every day! This beautiful yellow and red bird is meticulously ripping perfectly straight pieces of paper and adding it to her feathers, maybe trying to spice up her look!

“Somebody give her rainbow color paper!” comments one person online after watching the video.

“Her mouth is like a typewriter moving the paper from one side to the other,” writes another person online as they observe the bird’s mannerisms.

It comes as no surprise that birds do not have hands, but this little birdie is doing the best she can with what she’s got! And those strips of paper are cut so straight that it almost looks like it was done with a pair of scissors!

What may be going on here is that the bird is sticking the pieces of paper into her feathers so she can carry more at a time. Kind of like how we load our arms up with many bags after a trip to the grocery story once we get home, so we don’t have to take multiple trips back and forth from the car to the kitchen.

In the wild, birds are known to tuck sticks and leaves in between their tail feathers as a means to hold multiple things at once so they do not have to make multiple trips to their nest and risk losing perfectly good nesting materials. This may be what is going on here, or the bird may just be sprucing up her tail feathers with a little extra volume!

Whatever the reason may be, the video made us smile. And we hope it was able to do the same thing for you today!

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