A Song - Westside Believers Fellowship

David Grant - It is our hope that your lives will be touched and inspired by our latest song entitled "A Song." After writing this, Aaron and I couldn't think of a good name, we found that there wasn't a theme throughout the song that described it. Even a few weeks later nothing came to mind. One night during worship, prior to even singing it for our church, I was searching for a reason and a meaning to "A Song." What I came up with was that these lyrics can be a song, a prayer, or they can be a message of hope depending on what is going on in our lives. Lamb of God is the name that the Father gave the Son when describing how Jesus exchanged His life for mine. The name Friend, was given by the Father to the Son to tell us that He would always be there for us, He would never leave us and He has always wanted for me to be His friend. God created me and then longed for the day when I would call on Him. He gave us Jesus, the Light of the World, to show us the way. God's love has been focused on me since before time began. It is God who started the relationship. God has spoken to each one in a way that is personal and private. Only you know what God has spoken, and when He has spoken it, it is hard for you to describe what He said to others. Your life is unique, your needs are unique, your dreams and goals and plans and hurts are all unique. However, God can remind you of those words that He spoke to you, He can rekindle the fire that He once set in you. It was Him who loved me first and His love is the reason I love Him. I have learned as I have lived on this earth, that God's life, hope, and strength is what sustains me. He is always present to help, always willing to listen, and always able. Him being always able - means that He can do anything. When God speaks those that know His voice, know that God spoke. It could be a situation after a great loss, a revelation about His word, or a song like this. But once you have heard God speak, you know it w

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