Toddler Has The Sweetest Reaction To Meeting Newborn Baby Sister

Toddler Has The Sweetest Reaction To Meeting Newborn Baby Sister

Adding new members to the family can make for a nice surprise, and not just for the parents, the other children get excited too. This toddler has the sweetest reaction to meeting his newborn baby sister.

While the father reclines on a sofa, his toddler boy is nestled under his left arm. They both await what comes next - Mom brings their youngest, a newborn baby girl and places her on Dad’s right arm.

The father smiles with both his children so close to him. The toddler may be even more excited than he is, standing up briefly to reposition himself on his dad.

As seen in the video, the toddler suffers from Down’s Syndrome, a condition where babies are born with an extra chromosome. The outcome in the body are different developments within the body and brain.

The toddler boy shows such a clear display of affection as he laughs pleasantly at his new sister. He smiles widely in awe at the sight of her. His giggles begin to slow and space out until he just stares with joy.

Then his gaze is suddenly interrupted by Mom.

She takes the newborn girl away briefly only for her young boy to start crying. Oh no! He tilts his head back as the tears start rolling in.

“You want her back?” Mom asks. “Okay. Okay. Okay.” She walks back over to the recliner and lowers her daughter back onto Dad’s arm so the baby girl’s ‘big brother’ can see her.

All is well again. The touching scene resumes.

With his sister back in her “rightful” place, the brother does the cutest thing. He rests his head on his dad’s chest and stares at the baby girl. He smiles a bright smile that only a kid could. His baby sister does baby things, fidgeting with her mouth and hand, taking in the new world around her.

With the beauty this family has created in just this one scene, may God bless the rest of their lives with so much more.

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