Faith Children's Sermon - Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

Faith Children's Sermon - Jesus and the Canaanite Woman

In this children's message, children will be reminded that God is always worthy of our trust, and that we can put our faith in Him. We might sometimes need to be patient or not always get the answers we want, but we know He is taking care of us, just like Jesus took care of those around Him.

Use this children's message object lesson to teach kids about the Faith of the Canaanite Woman. This sermon for kids is based on Matthew 15:21-28.

Main Objective: The story of Jesus and the Canaanite woman can seem odd, as it appears that He ignores her request at first. In the end, we understand how she recognized how powerful Jesus was, and that she was willing to take risks and persist in her efforts because she believed in His ability. The miracle Jesus performed in this lesson, and how it came about, reminds children that sometimes God asks us to be patient, and might seem to be far away. But He is always listening and ready to give us what we truly need.
Law/Gospel Theme: Whenever we share messages focused on faith, it’s important to remind students that faith is not about us, but about who we are trusting. Yes, this woman was persistent in asking Jesus for help. But it was not her persistence or her own merit that caused the healing of her daughter. That came about through Christ’s help. We are all sinful creatures, but Jesus died for all of us, and wants us to come to Him with our needs.
Optional Materials: Bag with “treat-like” items inside (small toys, candies, etc.) or other small prizes; blindfold (optional).
Bible Passage: Matthew 15:21-28

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