How Do I Avoid Hell?

How do I avoid Hell? The scriptures portray a very real and vivid of picture of what Hell is and what it is like. Suffice it to say that Hell is a place we need to stay out of. We need to avoid it. It's real, it's awful, it's dark, it's hot, its scary, and it's eternal. What does eternal mean? We are mortals caught up in an existence where there is a beginning and an end to everything we see. We live a few decades on this earth and then our earthly bodies grow old and die. At some point in our earthly existence we will wake up one morning and have fewer days ahead of us than we have behind us. In Hell there is no end. There will never be a time in Hell where we can say that there are fewer days ahead of us than we have behind. We sing a song called Amazing Grace which has a verse that speaks about the everlasting joys of of Heaven. 'When we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun. We've no less days to sing God's grace then we first begun.' The same holds true of Hell with the exception that those who are there won't be singing about God's grace. When they've been there ten thousand years, they have no less days to endure the torment of Hell than when they'd first begun.

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