Create in me a clean heart (Sermon Jam)

This video jam titled "Create in me a clean heart" comes from a sermon preached by Benjamen Leahey titled "A Man After God's Own Heart".

David was called a man after God’s own heart because he sought to know God. He allowed nothing to completely sever him from God. David’s heart was after God’s heart, his desire was for God and he did not turn away to idols or to self. Beware of the cares and pleasures of life! Our hearts must be set to know and love God in all things. Even when we fall we must repent in order to be restored. David sinned and made mistakes but he repented and went on in his pursuit of God. Forgiveness of sin begins by acknowledging sin. God will hear the cry of the truly penitent. God is willing to forgive and transform anyone who comes to Him by grace. David cries out for purity and holiness. David knows that only God can do this work in him! David experienced a complete repentance of heart. He did not value himself or his reputation. He was broken only because his fellowship with God was broken. David lays waste to any self-righteous claims.

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