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Dinosaurs Could Overthrow Evolution

The vast majority of people have come to believe that dinosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago. Those familiar with evolution say dinosaurs experienced a world-wide extinction event 65 million years ago as a result of a massive meteorite or comet colliding with the Earth.

Scientists in recent years have published on the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue. Though it is possible that there was some amazing preservation process to keep the tissues soft, the most logical explanation is that the dinosaurs did not exist millions of years ago rather they existed thousands of years ago at the most.

Dinosaur soft tissue is not the only evidence for a young world. Geologically, evolutionists claim that the layers were laid down over many millions of years but there are examples around the world of cross bedding and curves in the layers which support rapid deposition while the layers were still wet. This supports a world-wide flood not evolutionary deep time.

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