Relaxed Dog Lets His Face Flap In The Wind

Relaxed Dog Lets His Face Flap In The Wind

This relaxed dog is really enjoying the ride and now he’s got the whole Internet talking.

There’s definitely a reason why we call a dog ‘man’s best friend.’ These furry friends are more than just pets. Over time, they truly become a part of our family.

The longer we are around these amazing creatures, the more we understand that God put so much time and effort into each animal He placed on this Earth. Each creature has a specific purpose and I’m convinced that dogs are here to give us the love and support we so desperately need on Earth.

Dogs are known for being loyal and giving us unconditional love. But many times, they are also known for their sense of humor. These lovable canines have a way of displaying human emotions that can bring much-needed laughter to our lives.

That is exactly what is happening in the case of this Saint Bernard as he enjoys the ride of his life. Just watch as Doug sticks his head out of the window to let the breeze hit his face. Well, there was a lot more than a breeze going on this particular day.

In the funny clip, you can see Doug’s face flapping in the wind and it will have you rolling in laughter. This furry guy is living his best life and enjoying every single second.

Let’s all take a cue from this happy guy and stop to savor the little things in life. Who else is smiling so big right now?