Dad Leaps Into Son's Arms After Receiving Surprise Truck

Dad Leaps Into Son's Arms After Receiving Surprise Truck

One lucky dad leaped into his son’s arms after he found out that he had given him a surprise truck. What a gift of a lifetime!

After his father’s car broke down about two years ago, Diantae, who plays in a football league, has been quietly saving up to get his dad a new truck. His dad, Lester, is a landscaper and handyman, and has been relying on his wife the past few years to pick him up and drop him off at work. But thanks to Diantae’s gift, Lester will be able to get to work on his own from now on.

“It was a major gift from me to him,” says Diantae. “I was driving around for a couple of hours looking for a truck and saving up a bit, just about every check from playing indoor football up in Bismarck, North Dakota.”

Diantae wanted to make a point to show his appreciation for his dad and let him know how grateful he was to be raised by him.

“My dad means a lot [to me]. He framed me to who I am today, showing me the odds and ends, showing me the ins and outs, showing me everything to become a man,” shares Diantae. “You only have one dad. You only have one mom. I try my best to keep them happy.”

When Diantae leads his dad to the truck that he bought him, his father thinks that the truck belongs to his son. Diantae tells Lester that he bought it as a gift for him, and his dad is in absolute disbelief. He doesn’t believe his son until Diantae shows him the keys.

When Lester finally realizes that the Ford F-150 truck is his, he leaps into his son’s arms! He cannot contain his happiness!

The father and son share a big, sweet embrace, and Lester wipes away happy tears from his eyes. What a sweet surprise from his son that Lester is sure to cherish for years to come.