'Just Be' Kim Walker-Smith Live Worship Performance

Talented Christian artist Kim Walker-Smith leads worship with her beautiful song, ‘Just Be.’

These powerful words remind us all that Jesus is truly all we need. When we place our hope in Him, all the troubles of the world will begin to fade away.

“Everything else can wait
I've come to seek Your face
So everything else can wait
I'm here for You
I want to”

Jesus Culture was formed over two decades ago with the mission to draw listeners into a time of worship and prayer with the Lord. The group grew out of the youth outreach ministry at the Bethel Church of Redding, California.

Kim Walker-Smith is a worship leader and singer in the band. Today, she is leading Jesus Culture in a beautiful performance of her single ‘Just Be.’

“Just be, here at Your feet
Just be, here on my knees
Here in Your presence I am complete
Jesus, You're all that I need”

When speaking about the story behind the song, Kim said, “It’s a simple song (even a little old school) with a profound message; just be. When you come into the presence of God to worship Him, everything else can wait. There is nothing more important in that moment than just to be with Him and pour out your affection and adoration on the One who is worthy.”

This incredible worship song is the perfect way to give praise to His Name. Who else is singing these words out loud for the entire world to hear?

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